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The best place in Turkey: A guide information where the best places to visit and a place for a holiday destination and tourism in the country of Turkey. Turkish state has many places of interest for tourist destinations in the world.

Istanbul has a lot of the old mosque which is still preserved. One of them, Yeni Mosque, built in the period 1577 to 1663. This mosque has an architecture characteristic Like patterned mosques in Europe. In addition to the many travelers, the courtyard is also filled with hundreds of pigeons.

For tourists who love to shop can visit the oldest mall in Istanbul, which is Akmerkez. Travelers can also stop at the Kanyon shopping mall which houses the latest in this city. Various items from famous brands in the world can be found at the mall that has this unique architecture.

Every weekend, often inviting Kanyon in Istanbul reliable musicians to entertain visitors. There is also the largest mall in Europe, namely Cevahir. Even since 2005 the building was established as the largest mall in the world.

Traditional markets in Istanbul or known as the Spice Market can also be an alternative shopping place for tourists. Standing in the market since 1664, we can buy souvenirs and foods of Turkey. Various kinds of spices can also be bought in this market. Spices at the Spice Market is very famous in Turkey. The reason, almost all the food in Turkey is very rich with the taste of spices.

Meanwhile, the Grand Bazaar is the largest and oldest market in Istanbul since the Ottoman Empire era. This market offers a wide range of textile products, jewelry, and souvenirs that can be carried off visitors.

Want to enjoy the hustle of Istanbul, tourists can visit Taksim Square which is located in the heart of the city. Formerly, this area is the distribution of water for the citizens of Istanbul. Not only that, the sculptures hero who had defended Turkey also stands grandly in the middle of this region.

Not far from Taksim Square, visitors can down the Istiqlal Street. Two kilometers of road is a hangout of Istanbul residents. Various types of cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, and theaters along the street was decorated. There is also a means Tarkoz impasse. Here visitors can buy various t-shirt with cheap price.

Tour other buildings in Istanbul was built Tower Galasa those 14th-century Geneva. Tower Galasa formerly used to monitor the ship resting on the Golden Horn harbor. In addition, visitors can enjoy special foods Turkey under Galatasara Bridge.

Various tourism facilities in the city of Istanbul, Turkey, such as along the canal, called the Bosphorus or the Bosphorus Cruise might be one choice of tourists. With a ticket for seven lire, visitors can down the canal linking the Dead Sea and the Sea of Marmara. This by using the ship's capacity of 1500 passengers in travel time 1.5 hours.

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