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Semarang City travel destination and vacation spots

Semarang City travel destination and vacation spots : The best places to visit in Semarang city, places to tourist destination and vacation spots

Semarang is the capital city of Central Java Province, Indonesia. Vacationing and visiting the city of Semarang is very unpleasant, because the city of Semarang has a designation of two areas of the city above and below the city. Under the City is the area that became the center of government, ports, industry, coast. While the city on a hill areas where the air is very fresh.

Semarang has a lot of potential for tourism, making it very attractive for the purpose of your travel and tours with the family. The best places for tourism and leisure travel destination in the city of Semarang is:

Vacation spots in Semarang - Semarang travel destinations:

Lele Park, Stone Building, Marina beach, Goa cave, zoo Mangkang, Ronggowarsito Museum, Museum Mandala Bakti, Lawang Sewu, Simpang Lima.

semarang heritage:

- Semarang has warak ngendhog and cultural arts dhugdheran held before the coming month of ramadan.

- The city of Semarang, Semarang has a brand of charm Asian tour that began in mid-2007

- The old city of Semarang has several historic buildings that include Little Netherland Polder area, Semarang Tawang Station, Bridge hernia and Lawang Sewu

-Community Tionghoa in Semarang, through the association of coffee Semawis (Chinatown Community Semarang to Tourism), entered Waroeng Semawis, the culinary arena that sells a variety of food & souvenirs typical of Semarang, Semarang, Chinatown (Gang edge of the area) every weekend ( Friday - Sunday) and holidays. Semawis also hold regular coffee Lunar Semawis Market for a few days each before the Lunar New Year celebration in Chinatown in Semarang.

Semarang Shopping-center:
1. Ciputra Mall in Simpang Lima
2. Simpang Lima Plaza Simpang Lima
3. Java Mall in the region Jangli, MT Haryono with Hypermart and the Sun as its anchor tenant

4. Department Store on Queen Street Youth and area MT Haryono Peterongan
5. Ramayana Dept. Store in Simpang Lima (closed in January 2010)
6. There's Dept. Store Siliwangi, Majapahit, Setiabudi and Fatmawati
7. DP Mall with its Carrefour is located at Jalan Youth.
8. Paragon City with a hotel on it, shaped vessel, and the largest mall in Semarang is located in Street Youth. (Estimated to open in May 2010)

Semarang tourism facilities
* The famous five-star hotel is the Grand Temple in Semarang, Ciputra, Horizon, Santika Premiere (formerly Graha Santika), Patra Jasa, Novotel, Gumaya, Ibis, Grasia, Santika.


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